Much of the information we have learned about prospering markets, has been from various websites across the Internet.  We have provided all the resources from which we have learned about different topics. We also have included our personal opinion along with that information.


Graphene may be the next wonder material.  It is 200 times lighter than steel and stronger than diamond!  It is transparent, flexible, and an extremely good conductor.  Graphene allows for ballistic transport meaning electrons flow through graphene with virtually no resistance.  This makes it an excellent material for all electrical applications from the electrical grid to ultra fast computers.  It is basically the best conductor known to man.  The transparent property of graphene allows for it to be used in all types applications, for example, in electronic displays.  It is extremely flexible and the stiffest material known (stiffer than diamond).  Lastly, it is impermeable, making it perfect for filtration applications. It has also won a nobel prize!

Stocks to watch:

IBM – IBM Common Stock
INTC – Intel Corporation
TSLA – Tesla Inc

IBM, Intel, and Tesla are a few companies that already have patents for graphene.  However, we are keeping our eye out for more companies that may allow for a good entry into the market.

Here is a great resource for tracking graphene investment opportunities:


Water is what drives our world.  It allows us to live.  This may seem obvious, but what is not understood by much of the population is that water is not in abundance.  It is becoming harder and harder to obtain fresh water which we use for everything in our daily lives.  Only about 1% of the water available to us on earth is suitable for human use.  Also the infrastructure for water in the U.S. is very poor and much of the water is wasted.  This is mainly due to a very large amount of water main breaks that occur each year.  Water is also wasted because it simply leaks out of the current infrastructure.  The ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) estimates that over $4 trillion will be dumped into the infrastructure by 2025.  A lack of fresh water is not only apparent in the USA but also in many other countries.  More water was removed than replenished in 21 of the 37 largest freshwater aquifers in the world.

Stocks to watch:

AWK – American Water Works Company Inc – American Water is a public utility company operating in the United States and Canada.

VEOEY – Veolia Environment –  is a French company with businesses in water, environmental services, and energy services and transportation. Its desalination plants produce as more than 13 million cubic meters of clean water per day through a network that spans 108 countries.

GE – General Electric Company – It operates the largest desalination plant in Africa: located in Algiers, the Hamma plant supplies the city with 53 million gallons of drinking water per day. GE also powers one of the world’s largest desalination plants in Australia and and the largest wastewater treatment facililty in the world in Abu Dhabi.

DOW – Dow Chemical Co. – is a major player in the water treatment game.

BMI – Badger Meter, Inc. –  It sells mechanical and electronic water meters and products to measure and control goods that travel via pipes. These include water, wastewater, oil, and gas among other things.

ITRI – Itron, Inc. –  offers meters for electricity, gas, and water. Its meters also measure use of water for both residential and business use.

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Energy and Capital

WTR – Aqua America Inc – Second largest water utility in the United States

MWA – Mueller Water Products, Inc. – One of the largest manufacturers and distributors of fire hydrants, pipe fittings and valves in North America.

XYL – Xylem Inc –  A manufacturer of pumps, valves and analytic equipment used to move, test, and treat water in more than 150 countries.

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Vintage Value Investing

SJW – SJW Group – A holding company with four subsidiaries: San Jose Water Company, SJW Land Company, SJWTX Inc. and Texas Water Alliance Limited. The various subsidiaries provide regional water service, develop new water projects and develop land.

MSEX – Middlesex Water Company – operates water and wastewater utility systems for municipalities and private clients throughout New Jersey and Delaware.

YORW – York Water Co – impounds, purifies and distributes water through 48 municipalities in Pennsylvania, north of Baltimore.

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AWR – American States Water – Water and electrical company.  One of the biggest water stocks by market capitalization.

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Market Watch


Agriculture is directly impacted by water resources.  Therefore, as we move into a state of scarcity for our beloved water resources, we will see agricultural issues arise.  Food will become harder to obtain and will become more expensive to produce.

SYT – Syngenta AG – is a global Swiss agribusiness that produces agrochemicals and seeds.

MON – Monsanto – an American multinational agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology corporation.

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Market Watch


Fossil fuels will not last forever and they are inducing global climate change.  Electric vehicles are making a large leap forward and are aiming to be our saving grace for the future.  However, to produce clean energy (not using coal or something that also contributes to global climate change) we must use solar energy.  The rise of cheap fossil fuel prices has pushed solar energy stocks even lower.  However, this may the ideal time to get in on them cheap.  Personally, I would stay on the sidelines and monitor the stocks until the solar market looks like it might become a strong player again.

SPWR – SunPower Corporation – A big name in solar panel production in the USA.

FSLR – First Solar, Inc. – Also a big name in solar panel production in the USA.

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